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Planning for Retirement


The good news is that people today are living longer. The bad news is that people today are living longer.

The person who wants to retire at age 55 can look forward to several decades of retirement. That is the good news. However, this longer life span makes planning for ways to fund these many years of retirement all the more important.

Retirement itself is a time of many changes, both for your self and your investments. You will have to determine what happens to the investments in any tax-sheltered accounts, reacquaint yourself with your company pension plan (if you have one), become familiar with government programs that exist for seniors, and be aware of tax and investment changes that affect retirees.

All of this new jargon and new paperwork can be overwhelming. It comes at a time of other personal changes in your life. It can be too easy to put aside some of these decisions, but as you well know they will still have to be made. The best advice is to keep up with the paperwork, making it easy for both yourself and your spouse or your eventual estate. Keep up to date with what is changing in the government, taxation, pension and retirement world. And whatever happens, keep managing your investment assets mostly as you have up until now, with an eye to a little more income and safety at the expense of some, but not all, growth. This can help make these years truly the golden ones.

In the content to come on the subject of Planning for Retirement we will look at:

The "three-legged" stool of retirement planning: your company pension, government programs, and your own personal investments
Your changing budgeting
How much money will you really need in the future?
Changing risk profiles in your investments
Planning your assets after you are gone

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Managing Personal Finances

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Managing your personal finances

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