Managing personal finances
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Getting and Saving Personal Finances

Managing Your Debt


A key part of understanding your personal finances includes consideration of debt. But rather than thinking of debt as something which is something that serves to limit all of your other financial plans (the individual who rightly asks "how can I do any saving for the future when I have so much credit card debt today?") we take a more realistic view of how debt fits into your personal financial plans.

Using your credit wisely is one of the key messages behind the Managing Personal Finances Website.

Any discussion of debt also leads to what for most people is the largest debt they will ever undertake – their home mortgage. The mortgage market has become far more complex these days, which gives you more opportunities to make the right mortgage choice (and avoid the wrong ones). And speaking of investing in your home, this section will deal with real estate outside of your home, whether it be a vacation property or an income producing investment.

In the content to come on the subject of Managing Your Debt we will look at:

The reasons for using credit
The costs of credit
The changing world of mortgages
Home ownership and other real estate
Credit and your investments

We would also love to hear from you. What topics relating to managing your personal finances would you like to hear about. Contact us here now and let us know!

Managing Personal Finances

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Managing your personal finances

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