Managing personal finances
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Getting and Saving Personal Finances

Investing Your Personal Finances


The investing world presents us with numerous choices that are growing in both number and complexity all the time. At one end of the scale you have the safe returns offered by bank products (certificates of deposit in the United States, guaranteed investment certificates in Canada) that provide maximum safety, but with a low return. At the other end you have the higher risk but potentially higher return products – investments ranging from gold and other metals, commodities, and other exotic investments. And between these two ends, you have a range of stocks and bonds that you can buy on companies in your own country, or other companies half way (or more) around the world.

And you can buy any of these products directly, or indirectly (i.e. by buying a mutual fund that invests in any or all of the above). And to help you along with these decisions are a wide range of people (with titles ranging from "Financial Planner" to "Stock Broker").

Who do you turn to? How do you make a wise investment decision?

We will cut through the jargon, and tell you what you need to know.

In the content to come on the subject of Investing Your Personal Finances we will look at:

Balancing the risk of some investments with the potential for reward
Creating an investment portfolio suited to your needs
How often should you revisit your investment choices?
Living with risk-and what you can do about it
Diversification and what it means for you

We would also love to hear from you. What topics relating to investing personal finances would you like to hear about. Contact us here now and let us know!

Managing Personal Finances

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Managing your personal finances

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