Managing personal finances
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Managing your personal finances

About Managing Personal Finances

The Managing Personal Finances Team

Your managing personal finances team is made up of individuals who can do two things: understand all the aspects of personal finances, and explain these concepts in a clear and straight-forward way.

Leading the team is Jim Helik. Jim is a market and financial analyst and the former editor of "International Derivatives Magazine" and the "Canadian Investment Review" (a journal for academics in the finance world as well as institutional investors). He is co-author of "101 Investment Tips: How To Maximize Returns and Reduce Risk" (published by Prentice Hall), a best-selling book for the individual investor.

Currently he is teaching business and management at the "School of Business, Ryerson University". His research focuses on difficult valuation issues such as pension planning and real estate. In 2002, he co-authored the textbook "Energy Markets-Risk Management Course". His current text books are in the fields of commodities and financial risk management. He was the editor and monthly columnist for a subscription based service for stock brokers and financial planners, where he covers retirement and other issues that are emerging in the financial world.

He is a co-author of the "Canadian Securities Institute's Strategic Wealth Transfer" textbook, and a contributor to its "Strategic Wealth Preservation" text. He also wrote the introductory chapter for the Institute's three volume course for the Canadian life insurance industry. He was the contributing editor for the third edition of "Introduction to the Canadian Mortgage Industry for the Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders".

He served on the Editorial board for "The Financial Journalist", a publication of the "CFA Institute".

His investment analysis articles and commentary on financial issues have appeared in more than two dozen magazines and journals.

For the past decade he has been a contributing editor of "Benefits and Pensions Monitor", an investment magazine for pension plans and retirement planners.

Jim will draw on other experts from the University world and from the investing world, all to bring you the best information from the experts who matter the most.

Managing Personal Finances

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Managing your personal finances

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